miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2013

From Genius to Pariah (Abstract)

Fashion is a crazy world. Everybody is a Little bit out of their minds. After all, fashion is another way of Art, isn’t it? Designers express their selves by means of clothes, especially if we think about the wonderful Haute Couture

John Galliano must be one of the most controversial figures in fashion during the last decades. This creator born as an English man in the tiny Gibraltar, in the Iberian Peninsula in 1960 has been a master of fashion since he graduated at Saint Martin College with a collection called Les Incroyables.

After a short stay as Chief Designer on Givenchy, he finally was recruited by Dior in 1996, where he has been working until 2012, when his addictions put himself in a complicated situation in a bistro in Paris with some homophobe accusations to other customers.

Nowadays, rehabbed and creative as always, he keeps unemployed, though the creative directors of the different maisons have been changing a lot lately. His talent would mean success for the collections in any of them, but he is still at home, watching how fashion comes and goes, without him. Would he come back eventually?

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  1. I think he potentially could make for a fine critical profile subject, but what sources will you use? What will your argument be and what will you use as specific examples?

  2. Hola Ana:)

    I am interested to see your final project. I like fashion and I feel that at times it is misinterpreted and the designers are not given the credit they deserve.

    In order for fashion and its designers to be recognized in a more positive light it would be interesting to learn about the history of the designer and what sparked the idea of the collection.

    For instance, Les Incroyables. What does that mean? Even if the reader is not an avid fashion follower, we should still be able to develop an overall meaning of the sentence with the image or example you give us.

    I would pay attention to "show" and not to "tell". I would love a description of "Haute Couture" !!