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'Chrysalis', the beginning of something else?

College is a crucial phase for kids. It is fundamental to develop dreams, discover passions and find the own personality, or at least, start building it.

Charles Weber (21), senior at Kalamazoo College (Michigan), is trying to pursue his dreams that walk hand in hand with his enthusiasm for dance.

Last Thursday, January 31st, the young student performed his SIP (Senior Individualized Project), the result of many moths of hard work. He named his project Chrysalis.

On the mandatory introduction, Weber described the performance that was going to take place as a reflection on the evolution of modern dance, especially during the 20th century.

The influences of the young dancer are many and diverse. Weber recalled the names of some of the best choreographers of the last decades, from Isadora Duncan and Martha Graham to Paul Tylor.

The performance did not last more than thirty minutes, but it was more than enough to show the potential of this young man and the five dancers in his crew.

The show was divided in five independent parts. They were connected quite logically by the soundtrack, a really careful selected variety of songs that made increase the rhythm of the performance.

Hits from Muse, Kimbra, Sigur Rós, Swedish House Mafia or Robyn, besides chill out music, made the audience vibrate as many could relate with many of the songs played.

Another element of special importance was the lightening, combining flashes of blue and red, Weber achieved to create very intense atmospheres for the dancers and a great visual delight for the audience.

Besides, the lightening was the element in charge of the performance’s structure. The different acts were separated by blackouts with slight flashes of orange, which allowed the dancers to get ready in between acts.
Probably, one of the worst aspects was the dressing of the dancers, though they tried to match colors, the differences on the clothes the dancers wore spoiled the visual effect, especially in the group performances.

However, it was really surprising how accurate and beautiful was the dance execution of Weber’s crew. Even if it is impossible to forget that this was an amateur performance, sometimes the movements and formations seemed really professional.

Weber demonstrated not only his skills as a dancer, but also showed up his skills as a choreographer and as a stage director. Hopefully, this is only the beginning of a long and successful career. 

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