miércoles, 6 de febrero de 2013

The same good old story

Last Wednesday, it took place the dressing rehearsal for the play they are going to be showing at Kalamazoo's Civic Center during the next weeks: Sherlock Holmes: The Last Adventure

The play was good enough to be a interesting entertainment. Though Sherlock Holmes is a little bit cliché, personally, I enjoyed it quite a lot as I have always been a huge fan of sir Arthur Conan-Doyle's works. However, I think there are episodes quite more interesting than this last one, who tells about the death of the famous detective (and that Conan-Doyle had to resurrect afterwards because of the fans).

Regarding the technical aspects of the play, I liked the lightning, simple in most of the scenes but extremely correct what is good, as many times it is not necessary at all big effects to achieve a good result. The costumes was probably what was more surprising. I consider that all them where really rich and I really enjoyed specially with the female ones and the cape of Sherlock... classic! The setting was correct, but sometimes it was kind of poor, and it did not fit with the global tone of the play, as in the train moments.

Besides, I think the acting was pretty good, specially if we take into account that many of the actors were volunteers and not professional actors. However, I think the acting of Sherlock Holmes was exceptional and I enjoyed a lot how he embodied the character of the English detective.

One only thing that I should blame on all the cast was the British accent they tried to fake, and that some times was really rough. 

So, roughly speaking, I have to say that I enjoyed the play, specially the second part, where there ir more action and the script and lines are quicker and not as slow as in the first part.
I will recommend everybody to go to the theater. It is always nice to see some live acting in front of you, instead of only movies. And also, Sherlock Holmes is always a good reason to do, even if it is the same old story as always. 

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