martes, 22 de enero de 2013

Christian Dior Couture Spring 2013 au le merveilleux jardin du Raf Simons

The skills of Raf Simons as a pattern designer are widely kwon, specially if we take a look at the latest colections for Jil Sander were the pure lines and the simplicity of every piece were enogh avoiding color and patterned fabrics.

That is something that Simons shares with monsieur Dior: the pattern-making skills. But, does he also has the exquisite taste of the French couturière? The first collection was too short and came too fast that was difficult to judge accurately and wisely.

However, the spring has arrived to the chilly Paris and the fashionshows are on again! Christian Dior HC has opened the series of events in the Couture Fashion Week of the French capital with a lot of embroidered flowers and pastels colors.

After taking a first look, it is impossible not to tell that Dior is there. The correction of the patterns is the master key of this dull but correct collection. Plain and soft colors mixed with shocking bright tights. A lot of black and a lots of pants and suits. Asymmetry and superpositions are also present.

Some of the dresses seem to be specially designed for red carpets and celebrities, specially those that have a slight but clear Valentino-ish scent...

Arguing Raf Simon did it bad wouldn't be admisible, he did it good. Perfectly correct. His couture has its feet well setted in the ground as he himself declared at some point. Is this what was expected from him after Galliano? Probably. Correct and beautiful collections. Tha fact is that the haute couture has to be more than beauty, has to be astounding... Haute couture has to be dream, not just perfectly wearable clothes at parties. Somebody said -scared of- crisis? 

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