miércoles, 23 de enero de 2013

Lena Dunham is back in town

Everybody knows Lena Dunham already. Pretty much, actually. Since her debut movie Tiny Furniture that starts many of her fellow friends as well as herself, her hugest success has been HBO's show Girls.

Yet the first season was nothing wonderful, it was entertaining yet moving and even, most of the young people in front of the TV or the computer felt some kind of identification with the four girls -maybe not the weird Jessa- and the rest of their group.

Two weeks ago, it was the premiere of the second season. The HBO was proud of the success of its girls, and many of their followers were waiting more from them.

What Dunham offered new? Nothing. The same stuff she showed last season. Strange relationships, explicit sex, hilarious situations, parties and the same messed up heads: Hannah's, Shoshanna's and Marnie's.

The thing is that many of the people won't care at all. Girls is good because of that. It's not pretentious at all and shows real lives -kind of- of real people, with quite real problems. All of that with a strong humoristic point of view.

The audience was looking for that and we'll be looking for that the next one and the following ones. There is no place anymore for Carrie Bradshaws: très demodé. Now, Lena Dunham and her Girls are the ones who rock.

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