miércoles, 30 de enero de 2013

J. J. Abrams, seriously? And what else, huh?

Nowadays, Star Wars is a recognized brand, a sign of identity, some kind of cult that many millions of people follow with passion all over the planet. The mythic first thrilogy and the weak and spectacular second one are still watched fervorly. The fact that George Lucas and his company, Lucas Arts, announced some time ago that the whole two thrilogies were going to be shown in theatres again but now, remastered and in 3D. Fans are devotely waiting to see A New Hope with this new cinematographic technology and the other titles, that's for sure.

The thing is that not everything are good news or almost, news that everybody is pleased to hear. Last summer, the announcement of Disney buying Lucas Arts Inc. burst all over the Internet and all over the planet, the fans received this news shocked and intrigued... Nobody knows what is going to turn out of this weird association...

As well, the rumours of J. J. Abrams as the person in charge of directing the new episode were getting bigger -he's also directing the new Star Trek movie-. The disappointing director and creator of series such as Lost or Alcatraz denied everything, arguing that he had projects of his own and that he didn't care about Star Wars at all. Fans were relieved. Nobody wanted him to turn Star Wars into a fiasco such his shows, all of them very promising but afterwards really disappointing.

The surprise was huge when last week in the Arts Briefly section of The New York Times Arts they gave the news: J. J. Abrams was for good the director of the new Star Wars episode. Also, the Internet was full with fans blessing or complaining about the decission made by Disney. Waiting is the key but the fear is big, because J. J. Abrams is not 100% trustworthy. Anyways, hope is the last thing to lose... May the force be with us!

[Edited] Breaking news!! Disney just cancelled the release of episodes II and III on theatres in 3D justto give priority to the new episode... Intriguing, huh?

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